Custom Spreadsheets
When you know what you want your computer to do but you don't know how to make it do it, call us.  We speak the same language as these weird boxes of technology and are pretty good at making them do awesome things.  Whether its automating the tedious, illustrating the abstract, or clarifying the confusing, our custom spreads may just hit the spot. 
In-house consultation 
Many organizations use excel without really knowing how they could improve their current processes.  In this situation we have found it best to visit the clients workplace and actually sit down with each department that uses excel and work together to create customized tools for their specific needs.
Corporate Trainings
Sometimes its just best to get everyone on the same page.  If there are multiple people in your organization that are using excel that could benefits from a little extra know-how, then a corporate training might be the best move.  We will lead an organization-wide training and will cover whatever principles you feel could be most useful for your employees.  If you don’t have anything specific in mind, no worries, we’ll come up with a program that we feel fits your specific needs.